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Wixel PRO v1.0

Wireless E1.31 Pixel controller
The Wixel PRO is a wireless E1.31 sACN pixel controller designed to control a single strand of pixels. See photos for connection information. Pixel limitations are mostly based upon your desired refresh rate, around 680 pixels (4 universes) for a 25ms E1.31 source rate. MQTT support is provided as well for integration into home automation systems where an E1.31 source may not be present. This is all made possible by the fantastic ESPixelStick firmware found here

Each Wixel PRO module is supplied with an ESP-07 module, fuse holder, 3A fuse, 2-way and 4-way large terminal blocks, USB type A to micro B cable and a TRACO-POWER DC-DC converter for user assembly. All SMD components will be pre-installed. 

Requires flashing of ESPixelStick firmware found at the above link. Programming interface is provided via on-board USB connection.

If wider WiFi range is required, an optional external 5dBi 2.4GHz antenna with matching cable and bulkhead connector assembly can be purchased for additional cost by ticking the appropriate checkbox above. 

Supply: 4.5V - 13.2V DC

Dimensions: 86.50mm x 48.75mm x 16mm

This kit requires basic/minimal soldering of all through-hole components. Wixel PRO's can be supplied fully assembled for additional cost by ticking the appropriate checkbox above.
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  • Model: Wixel PRO v1.0

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