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DMX-WiFi v1.0

Wireless E1.31 to DMX
The DMX-WiFi is a small wireless E1.31 sACN controller designed to output DMX. This unit is identical to our Wixel v1.0 product, but has an integrated driver for DMX communications and a slightly different connection diagram (see photos). This is all made possible by the fantastic ESPixelStick firmware found here

Each DMX-WiFi module is supplied with an ESP-01 module(512k/1MB flash), header(not shown in above photo), fuse holder, 3A fuse and 6-way micro terminal block for user assembly. All SMD components will be pre-installed. 

Requires flashing of ESPixelStick firmware found at the above link. A programmer for this task can be purchased from here

Supply: 5V - 12V DC

Dimensions: 50mm x 16mm x 16mm (excluding ESP-01 module and header)

An upgrade of the on-board ESP-01 flash can be purchased for additional cost by ticking the appropriate checkbox above.

This kit requires basic/minimal soldering of all through-hole components. DMX-WiFi's can be supplied fully assembled for additional cost by ticking the checkbox above.
  • Model: DMX-WiFi v1.0

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