• WS2811 6ch 2-Wire Dumb String Controller


This controller accepts 2811 pixel data input (either straight from a controller, pixel or differential pixel driver) and appears as 4 pixels (12 control channels, 2 control channels required per 2-Wire output). 

The controller has data in and out terminals as well as differential driver in and out terminals, enabling these controllers to be daisy chained and over a great distance if required. 

Controller is powered from a 31V DC power supply, which is sufficient to drive the 2-Wire light strings. 

The differential driver IC's are socketed for easy replacement upon a wiring failure or environmental damage. 

The main DC power input is fused as are the 6 x 2-Wire outputs. 

This is a production prototype currently. A plan for a  controller with more than 6 x outputs is in place if there is enough interest. 

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WS2811 6ch 2-Wire Dumb String Controller

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