DMX-WiFi v1.0 is an alternative hardware platform for wireless DMX control using the open source ESPixelStick firmware.


  • 5V or 12V supply (inbuilt Synchronous Step-Down Converter which uses a shielded SMD power inductor to reduce noise)
  • Connects to any common wireless network
  • Internal 3.3V LDO regulator
  • DATA line from ESP-01 is logic level shifted to 5V before it is fed to the DMX line driver
  • On-board blade fuse-holder with 3A fuse fitted


  • 50mm (L) x 16mm (W) x 21mm (H) with fuse installed and no ESP-01 module installed
  • 70mm (L) x 16mm (W) x 21mm (H) with fuse and ESP-01 module installed

Each DMX-WiFi is normally supplied in kit form, with all SMD components pre-soldered and the ESP-01 module, fuse, fuse-holder and 6-way screw terminal header provided for DIY assembly. 

An ESP-01 programmer (not included with the DMX-WiFi v1.0) is required for the initial flashing of firmware and device configuration.

USB ESP-01 programmers can be found for purchase in the "Electronic Modules" section.

Each DMX-WiFi can also be supplied fully assembled and programmed for an additional $10.00 ex-GST.

NOTE: You must provide your default WiFi SSID and passphrase in the "Special Instructions" text box if you wish for the unit to be supplied fully assembled and programmed. The unit will be configured for a dynamically assigned IP address as default. DMX-WiFi ESP-01 modules will be flashed with firmware configured for serial output mode. 

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DMX-WiFi v1.0

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